“Up” by Timothy Wright

The bright blue sky in this photo projects the endless pallet of possibility. The balloon displays the colors of diversity, happiness, hopefulness, cooperation, and potential; it brightens the sky with hope. 

With a basket, it can carry us to an endless view of the world below, both vast yet suddenly insignificant. When the breezes push, we may hold hands and fascinate over the landscape, challenge our ideas of where the horizon stops, and float over minutia to embrace the vast. 

The air we once took for granted because we couldn’t see, hold, or keep it, lifts us to a new perspective. And we cherish it. 

I see in this photo the emotion of parenthood. 


A giant everyday collision between the vast and minute, the possible and present. 


The title of this photo is “Up.”  That immediately puts the Thompson Twins “You Take Me Up”  into my head. Yup…There it is. 

“You take me up, oh hoh,

You take me up to the higher ground

You take me up so high

Now I never want to come back down 

I’m glad in these hard times 

There’s hope in your eyes”

That’s what up means to me: Hope

Hope is a powerful tool, driver, and keeper of the best future-self.  

When I speak to new parents, hope is a critical counterpart to newly intoduced fear, or at least intimidation. The weight of being responsible for an entire (although tiny) human being. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of pressure. 


Marcus takes me up (oh hoh) up to the higher ground.  As a matter of fact, on this day two years ago, he took us to speak at the United Nations. That reminds me…

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day! 

It’s March 21st ( 3-21) because Down syndrome is the triplicating of the 21st chromosome in all or some of a person’s cellular makeup. Pretty cool tie-in, eh? 

But…Why “Down”?

Because the first person recognized for recognizing the like traits, some physical and some in personality characteristics, was Dr. John Langdon Down. Very interesting study, Dr. Down. Not to be confused with the scientific discovery by Jérôme Lejeune, which was of the cellular condition. 

Why, then, isn’t it Down’s Syndrome? Like Alzheimer’s Disease, for example. Simple: because someone said so. For a better answer, check Hayley’s explanation here On HuffPost UK: Could an apostrophe divide a community?

What’s in a Name?

Another term for Down syndrome is Trisomy 21. This is considered the “scientific term.” (Back to 3-21) and some consider to be the best, most appropriate name of the condition. And our friend Mark Leach explains the whole name thing here in more detail with the added note, “Or, why I wish there had been a Dr. Awesome.”

Talking Up…Down Syndrome

There are folks who like to flip the phrase and say “Up Syndrome” I’m cool with that. I like a bit of wordplay (as you know).When we’re talking about “Up” concepts like hope, perspective, positivity and diversity, of course, the people I know with Down syndrome come to the front of my mind.


Today we’re celebrating a few ways. First I am “following” him: Marcus and I are showing Black Day at a school event. We don’t usually talk much about Down syndrome exactly in our school visits. We focus more on storytelling and what makes a compelling story. Also, the themes of Black Day. We’ll probably mention Down syndrome more today, being what it is, but that’s not our focus. It’s a soft sell.  Then he is “following” me as we represent the family print business at a conference. 

I say “follow,” but in both cases, we do these events together. It’s just a matter of trading top billing. We thought this combination of teaching and participating is the perfect way to celebrate #WDSD19. 

What are we doing today? Teaching, working, playing...Celebrating #WDSD19 Share on X


If you’d like to see more on the Up-side, check out this video that will bring a smile to your face.

Also, for an impressive and impactful video about what’s left on the table, (spoiler: it’s a lot) check it out more here in So Close, Yet So Far Away #LeaveNoOneBehind #WDSD19  Includes a great video by the folks at CoorDown with a big impact.

“Up” by Timothy Wright

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