About The Innocent Prince – What you won’t read on the jacket cover.

Some days I look around and see we, as the human race, have come so far in how we react to, embrace and protect life. Other days I look around and think, We are no better or wiser than 1000 years ago.

Back then an innocent babe may be left to die for fear he could not pull his weight in the family. Now, in some cases, families choose to end an innocent life for even less. Back then, if a woman chose to care for a weak or “defective” child, her sanity may be questioned and her actions viewed as purely selfish.
Today, again, I have seen and felt this same response.

So this story began when I asked myself, What if a medieval prince was born with Down Syndrome?

He was born at dawn in a castle tower to a queen who knew what these physical signs meant long before it had a “name.” The healer who helped with his birth gave a silent oath to protect the innocent babe. There’s a naive princess, a neglected stable girl and an observant story-teller who will also find their way and their purpose with the help of the prince.

Are the stakes higher when a royal title is on the line? First his life must be nurtured, then his land protected. There are always those who seek out weakness to exploit for their own power. And then, just as today, sometimes a little magic may step in to guide those who will listen to find their way.