Rockin’ Moms Write

This weekend was another Rockin’ Mom Retreat.

The DSDN puts on a great party, a great conference, and hits the refresh/reset button for hundreds of moms. Moms of children, babies and under 5 years old mostly, with Down syndrome.  Some of these momma’s are anxious to share their story and most of them are gearing up to change the world.

Enter round table session on writing and blogging.

I shared with them some links on publishing options, from how to build a blog up to where to submit work, and tips for starting a book.

Before the Castle Gates Close – Flash Fiction

"Wandering through the Woods" by Susan Kimball. Available on “Wandering through the Woods” by Susan Kimball. Available on

The hallucinated movements in my peripheral vision are tricks of the fatigue.

The Queen walked this same journey’s path to her new throne. I wonder, did her cloak become frayed and torn from the thistles and brush constantly clawing, holding her back? 

How did this trail look with hope calling from the destination? How does it feel to be rushing toward the light rather than fleeing

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I am not a Poet

I am not a poet. Sometimes, I write poetry.

I am not a teacher, still I train and coach.

I am not a student though I continue to learn.

I am not an engineer, and yet I question

the universe and try

to mold a new future,

or maybe invent an impossible one,


I fear.

Of all that I am not…

I am not prepared.

I am not convinced.

I am not culpable.

Yet, of

5 Songs to Encourage Your Bless-ed Adventures

It’s my birthday week and I’m contemplative. Having an August birthday comes with the “end of summer” and always feels a little like Lana’s, that “Summertime Sadness.” You know, melancholy with a touch of let’s-live-while-we-can feeling. (Plus it has the line, “You’re the best, baby” which, of course, makes me think Marcus wrote bits of it.)


Last year my birthday gift to me was a day cleared for The Innocent Prince, a day of writing in my favorite writing places. I wish