It’s no surprise to me how many people we’ve met that tell us that Halloween is their  favorite holiday, and/or the favorite of a person they love with Down syndrome.

There’s a lot of theatrics to Halloween. You can be whatever you want and people are like…cool!

In my experience, Halloween is the most generous of holidays. Although it can be secular in who may choose to participate, it’s not secular on who is welcomed and included. In fact, everyone is included no matter how you look or speak. Anyone who asks shall receive.

Grown ups may have their own parties, but also celebrate with and really for, the children. All children. And allow their own children to speak to neighbors, to run in pairs or groups, to receive…

It’s really quite amazing.

Honestly, Halloween is everything Christmas preaches, but isn’t. Halloween is about acceptance and giving to strangers.

The Macabre

I’ve never been into scary movies or manufactured haunted houses. Those are cool for those who are, we’re more the hot cider and fire-pit kind of folk.

So, Marcus’ first Halloween book is a pretty feel-good story for children. Now, I know I’ve been teasing about his next book(s) for years, and they really are in the pipeline. However, they are grittier and darker and, well…they aren’t all “children’s stories.” Two may be, but after that, not so much.

Marcus has a solid grasp of the classic horror running through his imagination, too. (I’m talking the original Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man…)

Of the challenges facing us with books two and on (5 or six are in the works) deciding  publishing format is the current hold up on Two, because all other animation, marketing, and funding decisions follow that. Then there’s three and four which both have some pretty good early drafts…

Oh Halloween, look what you started! Well…we’ve still got a lot of Book One to sell, so tell your friends.

And hold on to your candy bag, let’s see what treats we have in store next.



For now: here’s a trailer to book one -> Black Day: The Monster Rock Band.

Halloween will never be the same…



Originally posted in October 2019 – 2020 looks a lot different, but how I feel about this is still true. 🙂