Marcus dubbed he and I The Work Club many years ago.

Although my work is done from home, now. He says we’re still the club.  But he’s added another, The Meeting Club.  No surprises there either, as he traipses with me to many a meeting on projects we keep our fingers in. Here are a few of the current campaigns and active online involvements:

Articles on The Huffington Post Blog:

Huffington Post mardra sikora

Articles on The Medium

Mardra Sikora

The Madonna School and Workshop

Marcus attended the Madonna School for 16 years.  It is the only private school in our area that serves special needs children exclusively.  We continue to support the mission of the school because we believe in both its track record and its ambitious goals for the future.  Follow here for updates about the school’s work and events.

More info here:

Fine Lines Journal

Local journal, 23 years old but starting anew. I am proud to be a part of “Operation Chrysalis,” taking this organization to the next level. FineLines.Org


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