marcus at workMornings have never been a Sikora specialty, no matter what time they begin. So with a cheese-stick and a glass of milk in hand (breakfast), Marcus climbs into the car to go to work.

It’s a gray January morning. Most of the snow is melted, so the streets are dirty with sand and mud and the cars match.

Before the first stop sign Marcus sighs a contented sigh and says, “This is the life.”

Without a hint of sarcasm, he is glad to be headed to work.

He’s right, of course. He’s got a job he likes, he’s got food in his grasp, “The weather’s nice,” he adds.

I nod. It’s gray but warm for January.

Another moment of truth.

There is so much worry and fear and strife in the world, but in this very moment, not for us.

I know he’s right. This really is the life.