Mardra&MarcusWhen I was 40 years old, I knew it was “now or never.” I jumped off the boat of responsibility and into the ocean of dreams.  And over the last three years I’ve built a small raft and have floated, more or less, without sail or oars.


Three years seems like a long time when thinking about the future.


Well, maybe not a long time, but certainly enough time. However, when  looking back – three years isn’t much time at all, after all.

In these last three years:

I’ve written a book, but until it is published I hesitate to use a big word like “done.” I’ve learned more about what I don’t know than how to use what I do know.  I’ve made many new contacts and friends. And what I have to give, I have given.

Three years is what I allotted for bread. Five years is what I allotted for… what’s the word here? Decision? Success or Failure? Indicator of permanent change? Required reenlistment onto the reality boat? Is there a word for all that?

The point is this: I’ve got a new job starting officially next week that will give us some bread but, hopefully, not tether me to the big boat.  I’ve got volunteer commitments to continue. I’ve got ideas to build onto my raft, to keep us afloat. And as usual, I have no idea how I’m going to do all of it.

I also don’t know: should I try to add a sail? or Make an oar?

Because I’m not sure which direction to steer my raft or if I should let the wind direct me.

Is this metaphor getting through?

I feel compelled to give an update, because, well I have this blog and people give updates on blogs.

Ok. Well, I’m glad we had this chat.

What about you? What big plans do you have for your ship for the next few years? Where were you 3 years ago and was it a blip or a stretch?