It’s time I confessed

I’ve been, well…seeing other people. Not in an unfaithful sort of way. You are, and always will be, my first love.  And by love I mean, web-readers.

It would be a lie if I said you were my first blog, but we don’t need to go into all of that right now.

“Who is she? This other blog?” You ask.


I answer. And Pause.


Surely, you knew…

Getting Around

Seriously, before this conversation gets any weirder,
I wanted to share where I’ve been and where else I’ll be on the world-wide-web.

The Road We've SharedFirst let’s talk about the new website/forum targeting the community and needs of adults with Down syndrome and their families/care givers: The Road We’ve Shared. Stephanie, who you may know as Walkersville Mom, began the site in January of this year and she is a crazy woman who doesn’t always sleep, so it’s launched with varicosity. I am proud to be part of her inaugural team for this project and it’s filling in nicely.  There is already much to see and the conversation has begun.  TRWS is also on Twitter and Facebook, as well.


321 conference

As part of the launch of this community, the team is guesting a panel discussion about social media and blogging at the 321 on-line conference the weekend of World Down Syndrome Day – more details about all that to come!



Madonna School celebration flower navy

Also for the community I have my hands busy with the Madonna School Celebration blog and Facebook pages. Though I do not personally write every blog, I assign, edit and format from various contributors and occasionally add my two cents. For those of you in the Omaha community, I hope you check out the blogsite and sign up for email updates. The blogs are generally short and only post twice a month, so it’s not overwhelming to keep up with us. 🙂


market-write tip

For my writer friends, I’ve been guesting on the WriteLife website/blog each week with a Market-Write Tip. I’m providing bite size pieces of marketing advice to authors. If you are building a platform, be sure to check these out.



logoAnother website for writers and readers alike is the Fine Lines site and blog. I’m beginning to build up the blog platform for the non-profit literary journal. I hope you come around to the blog and the Facebook page for bits of inspiration, writing encouragement, tips on craft, and also interesting reads.

Is that enough? Not quite. I’m also answering invitations to guest blog on other sites and forums and I look forward to sharing with you more news about these as they become published.

boxes in a clickOne more thing, if you’re interested in print packaging, there’s a whole blog on that in the pipeline as well, but it’s not ready to launch yet. In fact, perhaps I’ve said too much.


Oh, and I’ve also been sick. (Hack! Hack!) So I’m also terribly behind schedule, but you know how that is, right?

So I’ll see you around here for more updates on our world, and maybe I’ll see you around the block or two as well!  Drop me a line most anywhere. 🙂