Most common Q & A on the road so far and advice from Marcus to the kids.

Marcus singing BDBQuestion – Do you play an instrument?

Marcus – Yes.  The microphone.

Q – Who is your favorite character?

M – Skeleton Pumpkin Head

Q – Where did you get the idea?

M – While staying in a cabin at Mahoney State Park

Q – How long did it take you to write the book?

(About a year. Then another few years to edit, publish, and produce.)

Q – Is it scary?

M– It’s not scary. It’s just a story. It’s a cartoon.

Q– Who did the illustrations?

M – Our friend, Noah Witchell

Q – Where can I buy it?

M – [aio_button align=”none” animation=”pulse” color=”purple” size=”large” icon=”none” text=”Buy Black Day: The Monster Rock Band” relationship=”dofollow” url=””]

(Also, here is a list of book/music/ and toy stores carrying the book, plus  BN.Com and Amazon)

Q– Are you working on another book?

M – Yes. Black Day Two.

Q – What was your favorite part of the process

M – Doing the Voice-over work. “One track mind.”

Q– Why is the name of the band “Black Day”?- see here for influences

What do you want to tell the kids?

marcus mic

Advice to the first graders about writing a story: “Learn your letters. Read books. See musicals. Do what you want.”


Advice to 3rd graders: “Be brave. Stay calm. Be nice.”


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