theatre thursday


 We get to see the short film Menschen on the big screen. A little nervous, for my sensitive soul, but also looking forward to seeing our new friend Connor and his family and to be there when this movie is shared in my community. I’m pleased about that. I’m also nervous and excited for Marcus to see it.

Last night

We saw Motown the Musical, the show Marcus was most anxious for from this season’s Broadway Across America tour. We sat up in the first row of the Grand Tier, me trying to save a few dollars on the tickets. I wasn’t disappointed. Neither was Marcus.

Maybe it goes without saying that the performances were incredible, just knocked my socks off. You know, Marcus and I have seen a few shows. We’ve seen Broadway on Broadway, in Chicago, in Las Vegas, and many many shows in Omaha, you know this, right? Well, I mention it now because I am always fascinated by the difference between The Broadway and the touring Broadway. Here’s the deal: The Broadway Across America performances are of course, great, top notch, best in the country performers, as one would expect.

Sometimes, though, there is that sliver, that magical something that one sees in New York that puts a performer in a tier that we viewers, us lowly audience folk, would never had even known existed if said performer hadn’t just taken us to that special place. Sutton Foster, for example, is this kind of performer. To name drop other performers who have captivated us in this way: Tim Curry, Hank Azaria, and Nathan Lane all also carry that magic. Last month here in Omaha we saw a new (to us) performer, Sasha Allan, and she held that magic as the Leading Player in Pippin. Her performance mesmerized and I consider her, perhaps, the best talent to have performed in a Broadway Across America on the Orpheum stage. All of that previous preface was just so you know, I do not throw this compliment out lightly.

Or the next, which is that the combined talent of last night’s show, the energy and performances of this Motown cast, was unparalleled. It’s true, I can be moved to tears pretty easily by good plot and dialogue, but this cast moved me to tears with their musical expression, over and over. By the time the storyline weaved in…I was a blubbering mess.

Marcus has had Motown on his radar for a few years and was super excited for the show. He wore his Memphis hat for the occasion and soaked it up. In fact, the whole audience soaked up the energy coming from the stage, and returned it, transforming the performance into an experience. So folks, if you’re in Omaha, there are still tickets and the show only runs ‘til March 29th– so act fast! (As I said, we sat in the grand tier and loved it.) And if you’re anywhere else, check out if Motown is headed to you – see it.


opa 10Lastly, on Monday


Marcus and I attended the season announcement for the 15/16 season. I have one word for you: Newsies!

More words to follow…