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Last week Marcus rolled the dice in Las Vegas; it was fun. He turned 25 and we may choose to celebrate all year. Well, at least for several more weeks while we release Black Day: The Monster Rock Band and figure out how being an author who talks to folks and sells books works. (Another place where we hope to break the odds: “The average U.S. book is now selling less than 250 copies per year and less than 3,000 copies over its lifetime.” According to Quora.com Our goal is to sell more than 6000 copies of Black Day. That’ll knock the socks off “the house.”)

IMG_5074Everyone plays the odds and everyone has to push their limit, or maybe their limit gets pushed. In any case, today on Grown Ups and Downs we’re excited to continue the What are the Odds series, where the dice are rolled. questions are thrown, and I am loving sharing with you the replies. All these introductions to other families.

Today meet Cindy, mom at Adventures with Beth

I’ll let her take it from here: My name is Cindy Anderson. My husband and I were married in 1982, we have 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter. Our oldest daughter was born in 1984 and we learned after her birth that she had Down syndrome. I started my blog Adventures with Beth to encourage those who are just starting on this Down syndrome journey and those who perhaps don’t have any friends or family with special needs but are just curious about what life is like for those of us who do. You can read about Beth and our family at adventureswithbeth.blogspot.com.

(4,3) What’s the wild card?

Wild Card: ‘A card you can substitute for any other card.’ It also makes things pretty sweet when you have some in your hand! For me the wild card is the path we have traveled since Beth was born. The activities we’ve participated in (Buddy Walk, Special Olympics) and the people we’ve met that have become dear friends and walked side by side with us on this journey. Things we would have missed out on otherwise!

(5,1) Your thoughts on the Fifty Yard Line

I believe we’re living on the 50 yard line right now. The initial shock and fear of the diagnosis has worn off, we’ve lived through potty training and puberty and now, life is just… life. Beth still has good health, she’s fairly independent, works outside the home, it’s pretty normal. As she gets older though, into her mid to late 30’s and more, we don’t know what that will be like. We can look back to where we’ve been and smile at all we’ve been through and look forward, to more opportunities and medical advancements!

(6,3) What does this number mean to you? Twenty One.

There’s no real significance with the number 21. Beth has never been interested in alcohol so when she turned 21, it was just another birthday. The number doesn’t hold any other importance.

(2,1) Tell us about one time when your child beat the odds

A time when Beth beat the odds: Hmmm, Beth’s heart was healthy when she was born so that’s not it. Oh, my husband just reminded me of something! When Beth was born, my hair was down to my bum. It might be a trivial thing but we asked our doctor if Beth would ever have long hair. Every photo we ever saw, every book we read showed girls with Ds having bangs and hair cut straight across the shoulders. Back in 1984 the doctor told us, “No. Unfortunately, girls with Down Syndrome will always have short hair.” As we all know now, his statement was not true! That extra chromosome doesn’t effect hair length! Beth’s hair has grown to her bum numerous times and is actually that long today!

cindy pic2(6,4) From this one word prompt either write or send a picture reply: House rules

House Rules: Family road trips can happen anytime and lead anywhere!

  – Cindy

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