karen and josh

Our next guest to play the odds is another parent of an adult with Down syndrome who we have met via the miracle of the World Wide Web: Karen Gregoire, aka Josh’s mom. I’ve had the pleasure of doing podcasts, presentations, and interviews with Karen, she is a super busy woman and I am delighted she is sharing with us today! Let’s see what she rolled:

(1,6) Did your child have heart surgery? At what age? Give us 21 words or less on this. (Odds 50%)

Mr Josh and K, a pretty good photo of Josh's heart. <3

Mr Josh and K, a pretty good photo of Josh’s heart. <3

Josh was born with an atrial septal defect, which has always been asymptomatic and did not require surgical repair. I have so much more to say specific to his heart, but seems the rules have me limited to 21 words or less.


(4,5) What’s your lucky number?

I don’t have a lucky number, although I tend to look for certain numbers everywhere……….9 ~ 5 ~ 8 ~ 7 (my wedding date)!

(3,6) Is life a game of luck or skill?

josh playing cardsI believe part of LIFE is very much about luck. Why are some born into poverty and others wealth? Why are some born with diseases and others healthy?   Why are some born into loving families and others into a life of being unloved, abused, and neglected? I do, however, believe very much of what life is about is the skill of making it the BEST YOU CAN. Having a positive perspective, attitude, and outlook can have huge payoffs in being able to lead a happy, loving, fulfilled, healthy life. The skills needed to live a happy life are ever-evolving and can take a lifetime to learn.


(3,3) What are your thoughts on the eye on the sky?

I had no thoughts on the “eye in the sky” because I didn’t really have a good feeling for what it is! After Googling it, if I had to relate that to mine and Josh’s life directly, it would be my belief of “a person watching from above” and whole-heartedly believe that Josh has a Guardian Angel who has saved him twice from what should have been loss of life. I’m thankful that person(s) was/were there! I owe then a huge thank you!

Josh is the King

Josh is the King

(2,5) In your house, who is the King? The Queen? The Jack? The ace?

JOSH IS THE KING, at least he thinks so! I actually think he is too, as my life has revolved around him as his mom and advocate for nearly 20 years.

Of course, I am the Queen. My husband, Josh’s dad, Tom, is definitely the Ace….he is sooooo good at sooooo many things. He

Well, half King and half Jack

Well, half King and half Jack

is the calm in our storm, always there to help guide and support! He’s “tops”! The Jack who I think of as the joker or the wild one would definitely be a great description of Josh. He is our entertainer, our nonstop entertainer. He is half King and half Jack!


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