Kimchi Latke'sI was asked once, what brands of wine I prefer, I replied with the honest answer that I most often pick wine by the one with the cool label. (Very fancy wine drinker, I am.) I’ve found many a great blog this same way. Take today’s guest, the momma from the blog Kimchi Latkes: Spicy Taters! How can you not want to read a blog with that name? And it’s an adventure, a beautiful adventure, every time. Hers is one of the blogs I read and studied before I started my own. So, it’s with great delight that I host Jisun’s words here today. Yea us! Let’s see what she rolled:

(3,6) Is life a game of luck or skill?

I think life is a game of having the skill to create the luck.

KL - JL - baby(4,4) What’s your #1 Hot Tip for New parents of a child or baby with Ds?

Emotionally? Look into your baby’s eyes, often and deeply. The rest will come.

Practically? If you can, wear your baby in a carrier, the constant walking motion is really good for kids who have low tone.

And then, look into your baby’s eyes, often and deeply.

(5,2) People say, “(your child) is lucky to have you” How do you reply? Internally and/or externally. Internally?

I say, goodness, it feels wonderful to have you make some sort of vague judgement about me, I wonder what negative stuff you think about people secretly, and why do people always say this stuff IN FRONT of my actual child, don’t make his happiness about luck, maybe you could care more about taking the luck out of the equation, you know there’s a thing called discrimination, but why am I even thinking any of this, because I know you’re just trying to be nice so I guess I better just respond now because it is getting awkward and you know that means you’re likely going to double down and say something actually bad, so, huh, what should I say… Externally? I say… (fake smile)

(1,3) A Handicapper is “a player who does the research beforehand to make knowledgeable bets.” What research are you doing now, or have you done, to give your family a better advantage?

Well, anyone knows me can tell you that I’m something of an obsessive researcher. Yet, on this question, I have to go the other way and say that I think what has given my family an advantage is not so much the research, but the times I’m willing to fly without it. Sometimes, a parent needs to listen to that little voice inside and jump without knowing that there are double blind scientific studies to back them up, you know? Sometimes, a parent needs to do what they know is Right, even if research reveals that he or she is in the minority. Does that make me the anti-handicapper?

(1,6) Did your child have heart surgery? At what age? Give us 21 words or less on this. (Odds 1 50%)

I give you, my heart surgery (that wasn’t) haiku:

AVSD closed

hustling life in my belly

birth revelation


The audience you hope to reach is…?

I blog at I don’t think much about what audience I hope to reach, other than the fact that I hope my writing reaches someone, period. I’m easy like that. Maybe, on my more ambitious days, I hope to reach a few someones, or even a gaggle of someones. You can also find Kimchi Latkes on Facebook and Twitter. If you didn’t already know Jisun, I’m sure you’re a fan now. So lovely. 

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