baby2 rs1 in 2000

Here’s the deal, as you may recall,  I was 19 years old when Marcus was born. That’s 1 in 2000 odds for me to have a baby with Down syndrome.


what are the oddsCelebrate!

Marcus will be 25 in June.

As it is, we try to balance living life to the fullest and making healthy choices so we can continue living life to the fullest. For his birthday we are having a Vegas Celebration! We celebrate Marcus. We celebrate the odds. And winning. We will celebrate the Black Day book release. Let’s also celebrate the diversity of our stories. There are so many variations of the “Down syndrome story.”

What is this, What are the Odds? Share on X


Hang around and listen to the Truths from new and old friends in our community.

Here’s how it works.

A roll of two dice has 36 possible combination options. So with 36 questions at the ready, the participants roll the dice 5 times (each roll equals one question). They roll, the rolls are matched to the questions, they answer

A few interesting points to me about What are the Odds, so far. #1) One of the inspiring motivations for creating this game was the age point I shared above, and the first two people who rolled the dice rolled  a 2,3 which is the age at birth question.

There have been 10 people who have rolled the dice so far and everyone has received at least 2 questions that someone else has rolled.

The most common roll so far is (6,2) “From this one word prompt either write or send a picture reply: Shoe.” Out of the 10 people, 4 people have rolled this combination.

But I leave the point, which is a look around and check out these brief glimpses into some of the other families we have met along these last two years of our blogging journey. I hope this helps us all to make new connections and find new friends. Got team!

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