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For those of you new around here, creating is a big deal in our house. Marcus, Quinn, and I are creative souls. 

Our home is full of storytelling, improv, and music. And love allows for, promotes, and pushes us to keep creating. We create together and encourage separately, it’s an important dynamic in our love for each other and our love of art, music, words, stories, and on and on…

Love allows for, promotes, and pushes us to keep creating. #LoveBlog2019 Click To Tweet

The starving artist and other tropes that define creativity as coming only from pain (are) frequent and believed as the only truth. But it’s *not* the only truth; many people thrive and grow better creatively while in a safe and loving environment. For me, I’ve created while under pressure and/or even in pain. However, my writing has improved exponentially while I am supported and encouraged, for sure. 

Another example of art flourishing with love and support is my son, Marcus. If you’d like a smile, here’s a shameless plug of his music video: 



Marcus’ book and animated short, Black Day the Monster Rock Band, was borne from strong collaboration efforts in our family and community.  It’s a prime example of his immense, spontaneous creativity and vision matched up with the talents of the illustrator Noah Witchell and the songwriting and musicianship of Quinn and Brad and Phil and more friends! 

It all started with a creative idea, then grew into a finished book, DVD, and music video, because of the diligence to not only follow the muse, but hammer out the complete story, interact with the characters, and produce. 

I have a lot more to say about creativity. But today, in the spirit of the #loveblog, my message is this:

Love fuels art and creative thinking. Encouraging creativity is a supreme act of love by respecting the mind and spirit as well as validating the many ways our passions communicate.


How do love and creativity come together in your world?

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Laura is a big dreamer, full time marketing manager, blogger, and part-time artist. Like many of us, she spent part of her life struggling with frustrations on a daily basis and just all around felt drained and uninspired…that was her. She decided to change all that one morning. Now Laura lives in the blogging world because she believes the buzz about self-care and self-love needs to be heard. She aspires to inspire people in their everyday lives and help them to live towards their dreams and making the most out of every day by sharing her own experiences and stories. Find her adventures at: www.dofivethingsaday.com

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I think encouraging creativity is a supreme act of love by respecting the mind and spirit as well as validating the many ways our passions communicate. What do you think? #LoveBlog2019 Click To Tweet



  1. Nancy Burton Wolfe February 12, 2019 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    “Encouraging creativity is a supreme act of love” — we sort of accidently said the same thing in different ways today. Your home must be a hoot and a half – and so full of love… xoxox

  2. Laura February 12, 2019 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    I absolutely agree with you! I’m a painter by nature and even though some amazing pieces have come out of my expressions of hard times, even more beautiful pieces are created when I’m in a good place. Creativity is an outlet and allows us to share whatever we are filled with. P.S. I love the music video! I think it is absolutely fabulous that you create as a family!!!

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