2016-MarcusMom Hug-053Marcus isn’t always great at direct question and answer. Prepositions and pronouns are sometimes hard for him to grasp and answer. Directions like up/down/under…are very hard for him. However, he’s very good at grasping abstract thought, he has communicated/shown me this for years in ways broader and bigger than just words.

This is part of why I decided to share this fun experiment here – because you can really see his capacity for perception in ways bigger and broader than just a concrete or even “obvious” answer. When it came to the pronouns, I changed the sentences to say, instead of “what do I”  to “what does Mardra…” – this was clear to him and he popped these answers out quickly. Faster than I expected, actually. 

Two Perspectives

I wanted to share these with Quinn, so I decided to ask him the questions, too. After he answered, I shared Marcus’ answer.  This will add legitimacy to the whole equation, or at least consensus. 🙂 SO, yet again, here we are to talk about Me. You ready?  

What is something I always say?

MARCUS – I’ve got so much work to do!

Q –I’ve got so much to do!

(me: It’s a fair cop.)

What makes me happy?

MARCUS – Quinn

Q – Flowers

(me: awww. and…I’m waiting….:) )

What makes me sad?

MARCUS – Movies

Q – Mean People

(me: So true.)

What was I like as a child?

MARCUS – listened to the radio (Casey Kasem)

Q – Precocious

(me: considering neither of them knew me as a child, that’s pretty good.)

What’s my favorite thing to do?

MARCUS -Books – read and write

Q – Grill Steak

(me: Marcus first answer was just Books. I asked, read or write? He said, “Read and write.” About Quinn’s answer, I think you will see a theme develop here.)

If I become famous, what will it be for?


Q – Writing and Speaking

(me: I can’t read Marcus answer to anyone without crying.)

What am I good at?

MARCUS – New Job

Q – Writing, speaking, running million dollar businesses, cooking, grilling steak

What am I not good at?

MARCUS – Roller coasters!

Q – letting go of the day’s chores

(me: so very true.)

What makes you proud of me?

MARCUS – You’re the best in the whole wide world

Q – Ability to get things done and your social charms

(me: awww and Ha!riggghhhhtt.)

What is my favorite food?

MARCUS – Steak

Q – Steak

(me: Actually, the first answer Marcus gave was “Chocolate.” “What?” I said. “Chocolate?” Then he grinned and said, “Pizza!” “Pizza?!?” Now he was laughing at himself and sharing a littney of other foods that are other people’s favorites. “Alright,” I said, “Now, what’s Mom’s favorite food?” “Steak.” Eeesh. Goofball.)

What do we do together?

MARCUS – Watch Disney!

Q – BBC and laughing

(me: Makes it look like all of my family “quality time” is in front of the TV. Yeah, so…sigh.)

rachel and MarcusWhere is my favorite place to eat?

MARCUS – Jimmy’s Egg

Q – Chicago

(Me: It’s true, Marcus and I like to go to Jimmy’s Egg. In fact we just went there to meet some new-old friends. And Chicago – how I love to eat in Chicago. Every trip I make to that city evolves around where I want to eat.)

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

MARCUS – London  

Q – Scotland

(me: Excellent. Let’s go!)

Do you think you could live with me forever?

MARCUS – Yeah – working together!

Q – yeah…

(me: whew!)

What is your favorite thing about me?

MARCUS – You are my Mom!

Q – That’s a secret

(me: 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

SO thanks to my friend, the lovely writer extraordinaire, Cheryl St.John, for sharing this quiz on FB and inspiring these fun conversations. Here’s a repeat of the pics for your viewing pleasure.

 Photography by Jensen Sutta And courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Photography by Jensen Sutta
And courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Marcus and Rachel - the Sassy Southern Gal meeting up in Omaha

Marcus and Rachel – the Sassy Southern Gal
meeting up in Omaha











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