I’ll bet this guy never worries about what he’s wearing.

Have you ever heard the phrase…“She’s really got to know who she is to wear an outfit like that!”  Have you ever worn an outfit like that? I’ve seen them in the store and thought I wish I could wear that.

It’s not that it doesn’t fit. (Well, not always that.) It’s often more about the style or the color.

Who do you think you are?

Have you ever written a “Bio?” It’s hard! I have several. When presenting with Marcus there’s a different one than when I speak for business. When I write “for work” there’s a different bio than when I write for, well, me. How does that equate? I mean, I’m still me. In every situation, who I am hasn’t changed. Yet…


I didn’t shake hands at a business meeting today when everyone else in the room did. I won’t continue with more details just this…who I am is a leader with a team of employees I value. I do not take lightly their health or the health of their families and I will not endanger them, or my own family, with this simple act. Yet, also I don’t begrudge them to shake hands with each other. I don’t know who went immediately to wash her hands or use sanitizer, I don’t know if he’s already had the virus and feels safe from the contagion.

What I do know is I am the mother of an adult son who is physically vulnerable. For us, while the world is “opening up” ours will close in closer. Marcus’ health is worth it. We’re “no better than” and neither is anyone else. So, we each must be careful and make our own choices.

Your Truth

Marcus’ plotline analysis strategy reveals the central #Truths of Shrek: The Musical and also of the hero’s arc of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables is this: Be who you are. No surprise that it’s also the #Truth of his children’s book and animated short, Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. Most of my favorite Marcus wisdom bombs come right back to that point.

Be. Who. You. Are.

In the musical Hadestown the Fates ask Orpheus,

“Who do you think you are to think that you can walk a road that no one has ever walked before?”

It’s a heavy question.

In Alice in Wonderland, the caterpillar asks, repeatedly, Who Are You?

I think that answer only comes from your own Truth.


We all have labels, titles, descriptions to use.

Connor Long has somethings to say, on that.


And when I was looking for that I found this, also to the point at hand:

Marcus begins many speeches with, “My name is Marcus Wright Sikora. I am an author, a speaker, a singer, and an actor.”

This is how he began his speech at the United Nations. When he took the stage at the Global Event before over 1500 very dressed up people. When he…well, on it goes.

But what’s amazing about Marcus is that I brag on about these events and accomplishments, while he just accepts them as part of the Marcus equation. When he answers “Who do you think you are?” it’s a simple: Marcus. And that’s enough. On stage or off. Pictures or not. Bio’s or not. Marcus is always enough for Marcus. (And for me too.)

As usual, we can all learn from him.

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