Friends, this post is where I will talk about Crave after attending a complimentary sampling of food and wine. Some lucky person will win a Giftcard provided by Crave. And in case we’ve never met before, here’s where I assure you that all opinions are my own. If we have met, you’d know I don’t know how to do things any other way.

So, Theatre Thursday came early this week, where I talked a bit about Marcus and the Tony Awards and Supports in Can a Person with Down Syndrome win a Tony?

And speaking of support…

And I'm not even a food photographer, I'm barely a photographer at all, and look at this!

And I’m not even a food photographer, I’m barely a photographer at all, and look at this!

I was delighted to be invited to join other Omaha Bloggers at Crave this week.  We women sat around the table, having not connected for…well, it’s been awhile.

As you know, it’s been a rough week for our communities and our nation, and we were thankful to be sitting together.

 “Tell me some good news,” one friend asked.

I was happy to reply:  “Marcus will be on the next cover of Down Syndrome World Magazine

I often leave these sort of events knowing I probably talk about Marcus too much. I should tone it down. But I get so excited to share and they are all so nice and supportive! 

We come from different “niche” markets but celebrate each other’s work and words. It felt good to share tips and catch-up.  And now, Omaha Friends, I have good news for you – About Crave!

I have been to Crave before a few times and maybe you have too, it’s in a great location in Midtown. The heart of many of Omaha’s more festive summer events. Well, in the past year Crave has seen some changes – new owners, new management, and new chief chef.

Did you know they have fresh cut sushi? Neither did I, till Monday – Oh MY!

And guess what – Half-Price Sushi Sundays and Mondays. That’s my favorite kind of sushi!

crave wineBut you know what I like more than sushi?

Comfort food and Crave has plenty of it. Notice the Stroganoff in the picture above. I’m going back for that. More of that! And wine. I do like wine. Oh Oh Oh, and I like a good party. So I’ll tell you about this really cool table called “The Chef’s Table” Call and reserve this gem, close the curtain around your table, and plot for your own world domination, that’s my advice.  Do it before dessert. Because after dessert you’ll realize that life is better sweet.  

As I mentioned, we each have our own niche markets – so I will lead you to some of their expertise as well.




What do you win from these notes? Well, it’s quite simple.

1) Win your dad’s/husband’s heart on Fathers Day when they will have all you can eat prime rib for $23,95.

2) AFTER Fathers day and UP TO July 31st – mention this, or any Omaha Blog, and get 15% off. Seriously. You don’t have to do anything but go and say you know me.

3) Enter to win this giftcard for $25 to Crave.
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