Marcus: Guess What? Me: What? Marcus: High-Def 3D Helmut. I repeat: High-Def 3D Helmut. Marcus: Is the army villain. Me: Ooh, that is a good army villain. Marcus: Write it down.

Write it Down

theatre thursdaySo here I am. I have written it down. This conversation took place just now as I walked up the stairs to my desk. I’m telling you, that mind never stops creating. Ever.

A good thing too, because recently Marcus was asked to write a short one-act for a group of High School students that are collaborating the advanced drama and special education departments. (Making this “Theatre Thursday” about a Marcus Creation:))

We decided to go back to a dream he told me about years ago. In the dream he had slipped through a trap door and while he was wandering around he kept meeting a variety of known characters, like Tigger or Shrek and so on, and he kept telling these characters, “No. I’m looking for my story.” Seriously. This had to be between 7-10 years ago and I thought that was a brilliant premise and true struggle for any artist. I also liked the idea of “known” characters for this project because it would be a good basis for the groups to connect over. So, Marcus and I resurrected this concept and began work on a short script.

How long has it been that Marcus began telling me his stories, dialogue, villains, adventures, and all? I’m trying to remember, to pinpoint when this all began. I remember the Sunday tradition of “Broadway List” had to come about because I couldn’t keep up during the week. When he’d start relaying a story I’d have to reign him in, me having to work and live in real life you know, and so I’d encourage him to save it for Sundays. Which fortunately, he did (and does). For me, if I don’t write an idea down right when I get it, there is a serious chance I may never have that idea again. Marcus though, he tells me what story we’re working on that week, and he rarely changes his mind before the next week.

Another difference between us (as artists) is once I have written it down, it’s gone. I’ve never been able to recite my own work from memory because once I’ve written it, it’s out of my system. (Making me TERRIBLE at rewrites, by the way, revisions I can do but Re-writes. Agh. But, back to Marcus) Marcus tells me the story or script, we hash, revise and rewrite, and it seems like no matter how far since the original, he remembers all the bits we’ve taken out or revised.

FC - dreamsThese ambitions lead me to reflect upon Marcus’ most recent fortune cookie:

“A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness.”

If you’ve been here before, then you know that we really get into a good fortune from the cookie. It all started with the first fortune cookie I opened after Marcus was born. It’s a good lesson in fortune cookie wisdom, check it out. Since then fortune cookies have weaved their advice and support to us through the years. (That is, when they are not lame, as Marcus will quickly call out if that is the case.)

ANYway, Marcus has submitted his script and we’ll see what comes of it. Often, we artists also see opportunities shift under our feet like sand, but we remain hopeful there will be more to tell you on this project. However, wherever this project or the next or the next take Marcus, I believe all of it is only a fractional insight to his “greatness.”

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