There are many awesome moments over the last month watching Marcus, seeing the kids, meeting parents, and on. The one today,  falls into the “and on” category.

I was able to attend the morning sessions of the 4th Annual Down Syndrome Symposium. The keynote speaker, Ira Lott, spoke on “The Relationship between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease.” SO this is a thing I’ve been following as closely as a layman can. I’m preparing to put more of my growing body of resources and science into normal people speak. In the meantime this is what you need to see, this room:


This room was full.

I sat in the absolute top back row of a room full of researchers and students. These people were, better yet-are, riveted to this information. They are competing to tackle the next level of research. They are here to learn how to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome.

Fellow parents, it was enough to bring me to tears. I sat in that back row, listened to science, listened to questions and felt the attention to this issue (then several other issues that followed). If you want hope – here it is.

No one spoke of our children as “abnormalities.” Real issues were being addressed, nothing was “sugar coated,” and yet there was palpable respect for human life, human challenges, and human individuality. I have never before been so glad to be in the last row of a full auditorium. It was beautiful. I wish you were all there. That’s all I have to say about that…today.