“You lied.”

“I wanted to help.” Serynn replied.

“If I force you to tell the truth, the church will hang you.” Doran said, “If I bear your lie, allow you to arm me with your ignorance, I shall die in tournament.”

“In truth,” Peter spoke, “You’ve little chance of living through tournament as ‘tis.”

“Thank you. Peter.”

“You will not die at tournament.” Serynn said.

They three, practically children, faced an impossible position for themselves and for the Island. Yet Doran felt the corners of his mouth turn upward. No words came forth but Serynn saw, “I forgive you.”


Thank you Charli for this prompt. This is part of a Flash Fiction Challenge/ Blog Hop/ So-Write-Anyway! Thingamathing. The prompt is “Story that changes with a smile” and the rule is do it in exactly 99 words. Pretty cool, eh? Check out the original post, prompt, and links to the other really flash – flash pieces here: https://carrotranch.com/2016/05/27/may-25-flash-fiction-challenge/  This prompt got my pencil moving and I cut many of the good scene/fluffy words – but maybe if you come back around, you’ll see all that juicy stuff in a future work of The Innocent Prince Stories. 🙂